Thoughtful blend of creative line, stylistic characteristics and aesthetic principles, our luxury furniture including sofas, beds, lounge settings, dining areas, consoles, media units etc. from some of the trusted European brands offers a great variety to satisfy varied tastes and preferences of esteemed clients.

→ Arm Chair

An iconic object and the true calling card of Poltrona Frau, Molteni&C and Flexform as openly expressed in its name, the armchair brings together all of the designer features and comfort with which the Tolentino brand is synonymous. Welcoming and almost maternal, or functional and minimalist; “large”, flirty, rigorous or discreet.


Rigorous, flirty, slender, large, curvy, straight, padded, rigid, folding, with or without armrests... no other item of furniture is quite so subject to taste, or whimsy, as the chair. It comes in thousands of different styles and may or may not match its ideal partners, the table and the desk.


Etreluxe always has that little bit more than the others. In fact, their aim is to combine the practicality and ergonomics required of this specific category of furniture with an idea of beauty and comfort usually associated with domestic environments.


A rich and welcoming item of furniture by definition, the bookcase is perhaps the piece of decor in which it is most difficult to find a balance between form and function. It must contain as much as possible while remaining aesthetically impeccable also when there are gaps.


We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping so it is worth doing it with as much style and comfort as possible. In a designer bed, for example. The Notte collection gives you the chance to choose the bed of your dreams, the one that best fits with your own personal requirements.

→ Sofa

The centerpiece of any interior design project, the sofa dictates the style of a room, the item with which everything else must fall into line. Its function has changed a lot over the years: from a purely symbolic object to an increasingly important part of our daily lives, an area for socializing or, on the contrary, a private island for playing, listening, watching or relaxing.

→ Tables

Comfortable, practical, essential: what would we do without tables and coffee tables? One of the most eclectic items of furniture in terms of form, materials, size, and purpose, near enough essential in every room of the house.


Available in hinged door, sliding doors or a walk-in concept, our robust wardrobes systems in various customized configurations offer a perfect solution for both residential and commercial projects with a variety of premium finishes, features and design details from some of the top brands across Europe.


From highly customized and functional designer modular kitchens to the best in class kitchen appliances, we offer the best and trusted quality from renowned brands from Germany & Italy to choose from.


A comprehensive collection of quality decorative elements for railings, gates, and grills. Your imagination is the only limit to what you can create with our exclusively customized top of the line collection of Virgin Brass, Wrought Iron and Cast Iron Balustrades from one of the leading brands of France.


Our partner brands offer exclusive solutions for external and internal Doors & Windows to realize a phenomenal project. Available in various configurations such as Alu-Wood, Wood-Wood, Fiberglass, Aluminium etc., the finest craftsmanship and the cutting edge production technology come together to deliver the finest finished work for all kind of project requirements


Our bath and surface collection gives an extraordinary experience to the interior and exterior spaces. From designer bathroom fittings & accessories to one of the most exquisite surface solutions from across the globe, we have various varieties that will make one’s bathing and living experience unforgettable.