Etre Luxe offers premium home solutions anywhere in India, across the board, in all verticals with a full-fledged in-house team. We believe in providing turnkey solutions by continuously pushing boundaries. Our extensive catalogue of products and offerings is based on one belief – progressive collaborations with the best players in the industry. Our team network comprises of our valuable relationship with independent architects and curators who work with us on select projects and solutions, and a dedicated team of in-house designers and trained technicians working under expert supervision and guidance.


As humans, we have an unexpressed layout for how we perceive the world around us, and the study of psychology helps us define this layout. And designers like Gio Ponti, Tutto Ponti, Antonio Citterio, Satyendra Pakhale, etc. from Molteni & C and Poltrona Frau respectively they can leverage the psychology principles to build more intuitive products.
The designer’s job is to understand the client’s needs, comfort and fulfil those with luxury. ETRELUXE INDIA, the proud representative of premium European luxurious brands around the globe assist our clients with the complete luxurious furniture, wardrobes, kitchens and everything which makes our client happy, comfortable and above all luxurious.
We bring the best artwork in your premise from the world’s renowned designers which not only let the clients delightful but also with the feeling of royalty in their respective lives.


Etreluxe, through its Contract Division, has carried out important tailor-made projects all over the INDIA, in collaborations with the most important international brands, architecture firms: turkney projects for public and work spaces, like hotels, residences, store and boutique, offices and head offices, through the offer of fixed furniture as well as loose furniture, including the Kitchens, Wardrobes, Furniture, Railings, Doors and Windows etc.


The Division is able to collaborate in a constructive and dynamic way with designers and construction companies in the development and creation of interior fittings and furnishings, using both our mass produced designs modified to specific request, and creating custom made products. We provide all the assistance necessary to complete the project successfully, including our “turn-key” package.


Retailing refers to the concept of selling goods in small quantities to the consumers for their end use. The individual can walk up to our luxurious showroom ETRELUXE at Sultanpur and purchase products as per his/her need in furniture pieces, wardrobes, doors and windows, railings etc to feel the comfort, luxury and royalty all at the same time.
The display of products at our outlet charms the customers to their delight. Brands like Poltrona Frau, Molteni, Nolte, Marvin, Flex Form, etc. provides the regal and magnificent aesthetics to your space.
We respect the value of your pocket and fulfil all your requirements by bringing imperial designs by the prominent designers around the globe of the premium brands to maintain the exclusive tag by maintaining the presence of the masterpiece in your space.


In the present day’s modern lifestyle, the definition of luxury has been re – defined by our designers in terms of living. Today the folks are not limiting themselves to the certain taste of interiors and exteriors. It’s a time of Renaissance in India. People around every state challenging themselves to endeavour the new styles, exhilarate art, regal patterns and tones in their spaces.
We represent the premium European brands in Furniture and Kitchens. To procure the necessity of our clients we are always welcome to organize a visit to Milan, Italy with our clients (if he wish to invite his architect) to buy the timeless and elegant product of his choice and satisfaction.
We at ETRELUXE only aim to satisfy the each and every requirement of our clients. For us every client is precious and vital.

So, whether it’s conceptualizations, designing, planning, execution or on-site assistance after project handover, no matter the project scale or quality, Etre Luxe with its unique blend of skills and experience ensures a quality solution, timely delivery – and an extremely satisfied client. And that is an Etre Luxe promise!