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The architecture of the EOOS is radical in design. The elements have been stripped back to their bare essentials, with each serving its purpose precisely and elegantly. The daybed that lives twice. Cool and sensual, like the stars of Alfred Hitchcock's cult films. A design whose originality lies in this dual identity. The lustre of the metal and the opacity of the leather. The linearity of the structure and the softness of the cushioning. The technology of its mechanism and the craftsmanship of its tailored stitching. The ability to transform itself from a sofa into a bed with a simple rotation of the backrest. Vertigo’s ideal habitat is also twofold: the executive office, where it lends itself to short, relaxing breaks thanks to its compact size, linear design and ergonomics, but also the home, where the sofa transforms into a bed to offer guests a place to sleep without compromising comfort and design.