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The natural evolution of the sofa, Let it be’s philosophy is implicit in its name. A famous song by the Beatles, it is evocative of a period of newfound freedom from all types of formalism and convention. The Ludovica + Roberto Palomba project also embraces and reinterprets the time-honoured Italian concept of the Roman triclinium, where people lay down, ate, talked and lazed about. A modular system open to the most comfortable of configurations, Let it be is an invitation to relax. It can be completed according to taste with shelves and storage units that expand its functions. It is a welcoming refuge where you can finally leave your worries behind you and rediscover your own time and rhythms. An authentic island of wellbeing equipped with everything you need. It is also informal and inviting in terms of its light aesthetic. The structure and the soft down cushions appear to be suspended on saddle leather straps. The foot, unexpectedly set back from the corner, enhances the sensation that the seats are floating in space.