Bespoke walk-in wardrobe: flexible personal space.
Designed by Piero Lissoni, this bespoke walk-in wardrobe aims to create a personal space that is both attractive and comfortable, thus shifting its role from purely one of storage to a source of beauty. Hangar has been designed to store day-to-day objects in a logically laid-out space, yet at the same time it is flexible to different approaches to organisation. Everything is both in order and completely free, all at once, thanks to an intelligent, functional system designed to fit the needs of the users. The warmth of the wood brings charm to the system, while there is lightness provided by the glass and the reflections it creates. Hangar offers limitless scope for customisation, with an infinite number of design solutions available. The different elements and accessories can be attached to full-height metal mounts, which support their weight while adding a sense of style and quality.