The Combine programme blends the compact kitchen to the traditional kitchen island, offering functional monoblocs with pull-out doors. Each bloc has a specific use: two are technician areas – one for cooking and one for washing – and one suits for preparation. This setting allows great freedom of composition, whether linear, angular or zigzag. Combine kitchen can be completed with protruding or extractable tables, thus integrating the dining area into the kitchen work area. The extremely light and thin door profiles are opened by gripping the upper part of the door, which protrudes from the beveled worktop, internally tilt to its surface. They enhance the formal and compact design of the linear and monolithic blocks. The hob is available in glass ceramic with induction stoves and an area suitable for wireless charging. A flush-mounted integrated downdraft hood completes the worktop. A wide range of materials are proposed for worktops, such as the extremely resistant Durinox® Gunmetal micro-sandblasted steel, a product derived from aerospace technology: the surface is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant, matt and velvety to the touch. Design Piero Lissoni.