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A hundred years since the birth of Tapio Wirkkala (1915-1985), an important figure in Finnish art and design, Poltrona Frau revisits a piece of which, until now, only a handful of examples existed. The “Bird” side table is a project that symbolizes Wirkkala’s natural and organic poetry. A sinuous shape, at the same time simple yet abstract, the piece is inspired by the silhouette of a bird, a recurring theme in Wirkkala’s work as a sculptor and designer, along with shells, ice, and leaves. For the first time, Poltrona Frau has mass-produced the side table and faced a real manufacturing challenge in doing so. The workmanship on the surface is highly complex. The strata of layers of cut birch wood of varying thicknesses create a characteristic symmetrical and diagonal surface design. The result is unpredictable, making each piece unique.