The APR60 is a functional, rational, spacious and sober kitchen, conceived to sit into an open living area or a dedicated space. Its final essential look follows the tastes and needs of those who choose it. Focused on efficiency and formal cleanliness, the APR60 kitchen can create your own desired style and detail design. The base units with hobs, washing areas and the cabinets with fronts or heavy-duty drawers are completed with back panels or wall panelling systems with shelves and wall units, open-faced or with doors. APR60 is characterized by handless base units, where the upper protruding part of the doors is used as handle. Two details specify this kitchen: a raised worktop with a special section that creates a gap with the door and the extra thin shelves that look like simple drawn lines. The aesthetic interpretation is therefore left to the choice of materials where a contrast can be achieved in mixing wood and glass or steel and wood or different colours.