Cool to the touch and pleasing to the eye - this is what unifies the sleek, futuristic feel of glass, with the contrast of stone’s rustic, elemental appeal. Explore these finishes, or combine them like no other - that’s the freedom of Nolte. The admiration for the striking good looks of Glas Tec Plus never stops, thanks to the stunning glass finish available in 3 colours. The toughened glass front makes drawers and storage units even more convenient. Bring more vibrance into your kitchen with glass fronts and handle-less Matrix Art cabinets that radiate contemporary style. Pictured here in Quartz Grey and White. Naturally balanced: Ferro, shown here in Glacier and Quartz Grey, serves up a harmonious ambience with the front, worktop, and options for integrated lighting, all perfectly coordinated. Who says functional can't be beautiful? Portland in Agate Grey brings together exceptional practicality and unapologetic good looks.